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Brian May

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Mama's in love, papa's in love It's such a shame they don't love each other Oh no

Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh Papa's in a jam, mama's throwing pans The game's up, it's time to run for cover Oh, yeah Oh, everybody's crying but they can't stop hoping Everybody's looking for the door that's open Mama's making heat to keep the old fire smoking Papa's hanging on to his old love token Oh, oh You got love but you ain't got style You want your freedom but in a while You're lost children but you know for sure You gotta find out who your love is for (Yeah, oh baby life ain't what it used to be) (You're telling me, not since you 'been hanging round here, hey) Mama what you screaming for acting like a demon for And hey mama quit waving them hands in the air (What, don't talk to me that way) (Well I don't see no reason to raise your voice to me, man) (You put fat in the fire you got meat shit for brains) (Well you don't give me comfort and a man's gotta get it somewhere) (Oooh that's a shame) (Ooh, well fuck you) (Yeah, well) Well Mama's hanging on to every word that's spoken But papa's hanging on to his old love token That's what it is, here it comes babe Yeah Yeah, yeah Oh, I don't wanna leave you mama Yeah, I don't wanna leave you papa Long haired women gonna turn you to stone You can't beat 'em - cos you need 'em You gotta live, you gotta love Your love token's gotta fit like a glove Hey Listen to the story 'bout the dream that's broken You gotta keep a hold of your old love token Oh, I don't wanna leave you mama (mama, mama, mama, mama, mama) Oh, I don't wanna leave you papa (papa, papa, papa, papa, papa) No I don't wanna leave No I don't wanna leave No I don't wanna leave No I don't wanna leave you alone But I'm gonna have to babe Yeah, yeah

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