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Boney Barks

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#together against coronavirus

I popped a shh that's my pick me up Srt on the street Tires light up

You ain't got no weight do ya sit ups Niggas got aim from the hip up These ain't no hockey my stick up She got Oxys for the hiccups Eyes low like Mercedes compressor I need chrome hearts for the closet Spin the block to the bank deposit Niggas ain't shit I'm modest Hips like a genie model Shrimp with linguini El Chapo She want coke I hit up Gustavo Bitch don't hit my phone texting some novels I'm in hellcat but far from the Daemons I lost my mind please tell me if you see it She leave me on read I had to delete it If I beat it up then I might just keep it You got man well I'll keep secret We on e at night like Ryan secrest The love I got for you is deepest You lay on tip imma lay underneath it Like I queen baby how I treat you Casting call know the agency needs you Talking out ya neck I cannot Belice you But show you respect so I gotta keep you Gran the Tec we gone make that shirt see thru Riding with the stick like it's legal Tires burn let it skrt in regal I don't do this for me I Do this for my peoples The size of perc is the size of my puples She suck my dick I love how she tributes Ran I outta love that I can give you You cannot fathom the shit that I been thru Jump in her pussy I needed a swimsuit Run rack my racks run my racks till it's 10-2 Thottiana and she wall in off Benzos Let me clap let me clap in a rental Call me dad I'm the on you attend too Class I session don't forget the utensils

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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