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After you found a way. Living your dreams on lazy days. Taking back all the things you say.

Telling lies, fail again. You'll pay today, my friend. For the lie, just like how it'll end. Keep relying, On keeping trying, To keep on denying, What you once found. I find no truth, In your revolution. After you faint a way, Living your dreams on lazy days. Taking it all back on what you say. Fouling lies, told again. You'll pay for the fail, my friend. For a lie, it'll end just like it begin. Keep them hiding. All throught the night Feel it wash over you. Ah, just keep on trying. I see through the lies (disguise). In the emotion (motion), Sweet, sweet emotion. In the emotion, Sweet, sweet emotion. How about you fade away? Living those dreams in a hazy ways. Taking it all back, oh what do you say? Fallen times, found again There you'll be whole, my friend. For the lie, till the end just like it begin. Keep on hyping. I'll keep on fighting. Feel it watching, hover you. Just keep on fighting. Up to the timing. Feel the dying over you. Just keep on hiding. Keep on denying. Free the taken under you. In the moment, In the moment, I can't find your way. Living for things in hazy way. I'm taking back, by all the lies. Found the idle, wonder again Till you get away, my friend. For a lie, just how does it end? At the lies end, Feel it washing over you. Just keep on denying, As for the lies, Do the taken dying over you. As for the dying, You feel them walking over you. Oh just keep on denying, Up in the sky, They'll keep watching over you. After they fade away, Deciving those lazy mates, Taking it all back on the day. Found the lie, foul again. You've gain guilt, my friend. For the lie, how do you suppose it'll end? After all the lies fade away, Living those dreams for crazy ways, They taking back by all the things you paid. Found the spy, around the lie, You're a slave to the times again, Just to found out, you don't fit in the end.

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