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#together against coronavirus

Uh, yea, you know what it is Yea, uh, mr. get it go Uh, yea, uh

Watch me get it go Aye, look Uh, uh Why-why do you that I got her in feelings She told me she love me But hate how I'm living I got in her pussy She told me to drill it She off the perks, yikes I got what you need, I supply I'm on like a light If you trying to buy I got with his crush Now his chances look tight But bitch don't get hyped Because you are not mine This, the type of fire that a burn ya, dude The bitch, keep tryin' to get loot, please move You feening for pills, bitch, you through on through Crack open the seal and pour, two plus two Two that's the deuce and I got me two floozies Grip on they ass and they started to oozing When I get done, they might cop me an uzi Inside the range, forgot how to stop shooting Shooting at you and your crew Your dude, your dude He hotter than who on who I love a little bitch who fuck the crew Got a little bitch who tuck the tools Tucking the nine, when we go in the club Go in the club and treat niggas like bugs Buck in the club and witness a fast slug Once he catch slug, then we running his dubs Run over his dog And leave him on the curb Put him on shirt, I don't live light I do not like or give a fuck 'bout ya Cannot stand bitch Who cry like a toddler Can't do no, she hollin She hollin, I'm hollin It's toxic, It's violent She lying and crying Her heart is just dying I'm not with that shit She hollin I'm in silent, no violence I beat it She screamin' and creamin' She smilin' Her heart is for marz Yea, I'm with all that shit Uh, hotter then a tea kettle With this little shit Damn little bitch Acting like she ain't know me Tried to get top But she ain't wanna blow me Bet she plead to my knees When I drop the ep She left me in puddle Dick in her throat I fill up her hole So she cannot rebuttal Ksubi's so fly like that they came with a shuttle Hop in my shuttle, go straight off to marz Keep telling me, she wanna go to the stars Push a button to start and we'll really go far Going so far like a light from a star And I'm out of this bitch Cause I'm going too hard

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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