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I think i've had a little too much to drink My head is getting heavy I think you've seen a little too much of me

Because i see two of you And you see two of me Last night i was following you home Last night i was mumbling, making tones Last night you were swallowing me whole Last night i was stumbling on your doorway I'm not drunk i just thought the vine was funny Fuck you I'm not mad i just thought your face should be bloody Fuck you My body's turning blue because The letter that i read i'd be better of dead I'm not drunk i swear And when the door closed i went home Though it was pretty nice out My hands cold i couldn't check my phone So i took my gloves off I think i had a little too much to drink because I think i said a couple fuckin terrible things Last night i was walking all alone Last night i was dialing up your phone Last night i was speaking to a tone Last night i was stumbling on the sidewalk Oh no. we did it again. we broke the rules.

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