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There was a time when minutes were savoured and sought after, Each second spent and addicted. Now minutes are a burden

And god forbid you'd spend them with me, Alone or with me. But if you leave I don't think I'd forgive myself. You let one single string Raise your head in the morning Give you an excuse and a reason to be. But if you leave I don't think I'd forgive myself. Don't say that you're too good for this, You made your choice and now you're stuck Without a remedy or a reason why you Fail to keep yourself away, Don't say you're sorry cause no one wants apologies from you. There was a time when I had it all, I had anything and everything at once, You know it's all in the way you move, But you fucking changed. Well I couldn't lie, But you couldn't tell the truth so now it's over. And now it's all that I can do To run away from everything. But I can't see you. If I see you I'd never leave. Never fucking leave. I can't do this anymore.

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