TestoON (feat. Cypher & Finch)


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#together against coronavirus

Ughh Yeah Huh

Yeah Look Wassup Huh Outta these lips river Niger flows Am tryna blow Northern coast Tell em am coming hell yeah I heard the calls Am cocky yea am crazy underneath me got them iron balls Imperial serial lyrical killer am clinical Dan dan sanda am snaking sai kace manda When i ball and i ball i ain't easy kai kuce ganda Rappers talk mouth flipping like ga dan wakanda Shit i may be the second coming of pac Steve dey wonder Amma lost it woo Dan jigawa ya shigo dandalin Malamin na shanye kan su masu yin maganin I flow serotonin vitalizing am like a vitamin Am rapping it laughing it killing it baba they falling min Super hero i ain't dressed up i got no cape on Cinye su nake shit ga bati am using coupon Am rolling hard on them rhymers shit Am like a snow storm Am ready for war ya'll can see i got fatigues on Rap it tall like the great wall of china Fire toya su nakeyi kamar waina Dole nai bulala bishiyar maina Hell hound nigga wuta ke fita a kaina Dey tell me Dey tell me ain't gonna biggie all night Dey call me badboy nigga all night One night One night u gonna make it Life is gonna make u stronger now Making all everything u want Just now Sometimes Uhm Am the bone you make wishes to Number one in this shit my brother there ain't number two Solid iron bullet proof Powered am like devil fruit Am dropping lines that gon make them hardcore rappers look frigging cute Prophesizing am burning bushes and frigging bridges Swallowing they snakes they say lets get going our dear mosses Am chewing up on that Beef they be throwing out Scoring them at home am like Messi a ko ina Ain't no Beauty in this beast no roses in my garden Cinye gayun nan nake like taqara a hannun gardin Muje zuwa zan hau kurar ko da babu siddin Aradu ba bababab baba muddin This rapping is in my veins its circulatory Coating up the magic in my words up in my arteries Like a battery a bar in every single systole I work perfection on a beat Am like Sid with the casserole Gayen nan maye ne Ya'll rappers baba ku kiyaye

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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