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ei nimeä

Dernière mise à jour le: 14 janvier 2023

First to foresee The tyranny of expectations For the paths we didn′t take

Time lapses as we Return to compromise The best intentions we described came too late In all the quiet desperation that blinds our way The shadows cast In the comfort of routine A long division and We bleed together Speaking circles Cycle round again Walking through Our predictable motifs and our Past potential It's a trap too late Last to believe The courage of our new convictions As we fall back into place Not to repeat The things we left behind And all the words we couldn′t find came too late Now we're something in between and we're changing shape The shadow′s cast In the comfort of routine A long division then We bleed together Speak in circles Time and time again Take us back, where it all began And in no small measure Everything you think you′ll be is Falling down, the here and now draws in A breath for baseless hesitation In spite of what we know A breath before we let go

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