ParolesAll Day (I.D.G.A.F. Freestyle)


Dernière mise à jour le: 25 avril 2020
#together against coronavirus

Yungsun Yungsun Fuck a beat-up real quick

YungsunRei Never give a fuck Psh All Day And we livin' up And I don't give a fuck Ride that wave surfs up bitch Livin no luck give a fuck bitch Ugh Ayy And we like that Roll up digital flare Ugh Bitch phat yeah I like that Ugh Got me shakin' my hair Cleanin' up crop Psh And I'm the cream of ya mother-fuckin' crop Psh I'm the nigga on the mother-fuckin' spot Middle man shit ugh Nigga I ain't bout no little man shit ugh Live I'ma pull up with the bag with the mother-fuckin raw And everybody know we get it on spot Nigga get off Wiggle niggas off Fuckin pish-posh got me fuckin pissed off Psh ugh I'm at this life shit Nigga live, laugh, learn, I like this One check Psh Pull up on deck Yeah it's more life bitch Yeah I don't take no breaks More life, more life, more life, Drake Flippin' off like a mother-fuckin page Chillin' always So I just go by YungsunRei Nigga and it's all-day Live All wave Surfin' that shit, nigga it's a haze Livin' that life, prolly in a blaze Aries in the maze Nigga it's a way Ugh Livin' that life, livin' that surf Ugh Niggas wanna tell me what it's worth Ugh Fuckin' pissed off Got me ticked off It's the fuckin' drip drop Yungsun Yungsun Wanna fly with the bumble Niggas wanna talk about humble Sit the fuck down 'fore I show 'em with the rumble Dark sideline Ugh Live Hit the stutter but I'm fine In this mother-fucka Bitch Nigga Babe Ruth in this mother-fucka Bitch I'm just hittin' that truth Mother-fu who is you Statue booth Got the crew like Wu Fuckin' done

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