ParolesPiece Of Mind 2

Witt Lowry

Dernière mise à jour le: 24 septembre 2020
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Yo, see me im just your regular guy In high school, i would never skip class to get high And girls never wanna fuck with that regular guy

They want the jocks or the bad guys that drink and get high And so i, never knew how the fuck that i would get fly Make a couple raps and go talk about my dick size? The ladies can′t get enough they wanna suck my dick dry But most are fake and phoney so i tell em i dont have time Cause time equals money, and fake hoes are worthless While most of ya'll are partying, me im probably working Instagramming pics of me and your girl flirting Now i know the answer if the fucking drapes match the curtains I′m just playing see your girl is just a grenade Me i'm better than these wack rappers on my worst day Oh you dont like my word play? Fuck you with a cactus Now what is your reaction? You all are thinking backwards See, i have a question, where the fuck these haters go? Remember when i first started they were hatin' on my flow like "Mark you fucking suck man, i′m better than you, And when i go to bed at night, i jack off for a few, Then bust all over my bed and roll around in my goo, And have my mom clean it up because i dont know how to, And then i finger my but until i have to go poo, Ah fuck man the truth is i listen to you!" Well i guess thats cool, you must′ve had a change of heart But next time leave out the things you like to do after dark I use a watered down generic line to fill the next bar like Look at me man, im the shit you just a fart Sometimes when i get mad i turn on super smash bros And play against peach so i know what its like to smack hoes Tell me again how much you love your boyfriend now you guys broke Uh, now you fucking hate his guts, so you fucked the whole town but you swear youre not a slut Because not all the dudes counted they just put it in your butt And her motto is YOLO so she doesn't give a fuck right? Motherfuckers im the dark night So if you guys are two faced ill smack you with a fast write And tie a rope around your legs and hang you from the top flight And have you eat your grandma out i hope you brought your appetite, ugh Nasty ass fuck when im rapping, put a fire cracker in your ass and back and see what happens I′m a verbal assassin, test me ill send you packing I'm white and from the burbs so i must be fucking wack then This girl from high school was like "Hey Mark, whats up? We all heard your witty shit, and we all think that you suck, Remember Joe from science class? His raps are real tough, I dont mean to burst your bubble dude but give this rap shit up!" See i dont give a fuck, if y′all dont like my shit If you like it then you like it if you dont then suck my dick! Because the me you motherfuckers are a bunch of dumb pricks Who live off daddys money and spend it on dumb ass shit, yo Funny how these dumb fools from high schools to feel cool You may think youre the shit running round like "Wadoyohwoo" When really in the real world you look like a royal douche And fall from your wayne and crash land like 'Wadoyhos′ do Driving around in a parking lot with a blindfold on with a bluetooth If i'm not me then who's who? Just overdose on fruitloops Sugar high now i′m fucked up, what you say you dumb slut? Your boyfriend is a what? And you wanna suck on who′s nuts? This girl was like 'blah blah blah′ thought about some dumb shit You think i give a fuck bitch? What you say dont really mean shit So i tweet back, hashtag bitch suck my dick I use bitch alot in those rhymes, i aint mad, i just use curse words that'll rhyme And spend my time writing raps and perfecting my craft But all these dudes on the internet still think that i′m wack Well, if you can't join em then you beat em, if you cant bang em then you leave em I dont care i talk shit for no reason Hearts so cold yeah my fucking coats freezing Get used to my face motherfuckers i′m not leaving

2 traduction disponible ||| 2 traductions disponibles2 traduction disponible ||| 2 traductions disponibles
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