ParolesErrors of My Way

Wishbone Ash

Dernière mise à jour le: 26 juillet 2021
Nous avons détecté quelques soucis
Si tu as trouvé des erreurs, merci de nous aider en les corrigeant.

I didn′t know what day it was that day, Felt just like falling down on my knees to pray. Looked at myself, and all that I could say

Was,"I think I see the errors of my way". There in the glass there was something caught my eye, Although I try through my sighing not to cry. See where I am, and what I try to say, Just so I'll look at the errors of my way. Guess I got no one around to pull me through. I just need someone to turn to, yes, I do. Doin′ my best just to change my yesterday, Then I won't have no more errors of my way.

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