ParolesBloody Mary Morning

Willie Nelson

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It's a Bloody Mary morning, Baby left me without warning Sometime in the night

So I'm flyin' down to Houston Forgetting her's the nature of my flight As we taxi toward the runway With the smog and haze Reminding me of how I feel Just a country boy who's learnin' That the pitfalls of the city Are extremely real All the night life and the parties And temptation and deceit The order of the day Well it's a Bloody Mary mornin' Cause I'm leavin' baby somewhere in LA It's a Bloody Mary morning... (guitar) Our golden jet is airborn And flight Fifty cuts a path Across the mornin' sky And a voice comes on the speaker Reassuring us flight Fifty Is the way to fly And a hostess takes our order Coffee tea or something stronger To start off the day Well it's a Bloody Mary morning Cause I'm leavin' baby somewhere in LA It's a bloody mary morning...

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