ParolesWe're All Going to Hell

Vodka Juniors

Dernière mise à jour le: 22 juillet 2017
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Born with a bang, in a mission to blast, under thundering skies we're all made out of dust We dance with the devil and laugh in his eyes, when we grow up we'll be the ones you despise So take it or leave it, all it takes is just faith to believe it, so come on and join us cause undivided we stand and then millions can't stop us

Don't think about the future and forget about the past, these moments of happiness they never last This is our life and it comes as we take it, so we might as well fake it cause We re all going to hell Hey you, what up? I'm just getting started so don't tell me to stop We may not cry often but when we do you can taste the blood in our tears and the fire in our eyes And i promise to all at the end of the rainbow there's a treasure that lies for those that can see the sun over the clouds Just follow the dirtiest of paths however crazy it sounds And when the wounds have deepened enough and reached down the bottom of you heart, the light has found its way to reach down your soul Now who's gonna stop us from conquering this world?

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