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[Verse 1] Heather: Karima please pick up the phone, my God Karima: Hello

Heather: Where you been sis, you ain't gonna believe this Karima: Heather wait, what's goin' on Heather: Seen it happen so fast and I think it's kinda bad Karima: I'm gettin' scared girl what's wrong Heather: Well I was drivin' through the light of 36 and main Karima: Don't tell me Heather: Hold on, then I saw this car out of control comin' my way Before I knew it the car next to me had ran into it And I can't stop thinkin' that it coulda been me Karima: Thank you Jesus Heather: I'm so shook up I can hardly breathe Karima: But thank you Jesus Heather that's why I pray the Lord keep his on us night and day And that's exactly what he did Know he had his hands on you so now say [Chorus - Heather] [Chorus] (Thank you Jesus) He didn't have to do it (Thank you Jesus) But he did (Thank you Jesus) For covering us with your blood so now we say (Thank you Jesus) For being around (Thank you Jesus) And for workin' it out There's so much to thank him for Thank you Lord [Break - Karima] He's so good Constantly keepin' us And that all he did Ebony, tell 'em [Verse 2 - Ebony] Well, after a concert we just did We talkin' in the parkin' lot of that San Francisco Ritz And out of no where a blue van pulled up to us These guys in masks came to us Had guns in hand and I didn't understand (Wait a minute) One of 'em grabbed my arm I thought for sure I was gone Lord help me, save me, I said He's got a gun to my head Then there was a cop racin' to the scene I thought had he know me But Jesus was with me [Hook - Karima] (Never once have I) Thougt you left me and it was over If anything you gotten closer That's why I give the highest praise (Hallelujuah) You saved my life Lord (Hallelujuah) I've got my hands raised high saying [Chorus - Karima] [Bridge - Heather] Every single day I wake up I lift my hands and jump up Knowin' it was no good of mine But it was Christ in my life And even if i couldn't saw word I just wave my hands And even if I had a million tongues That's not enough of them [repeat] [Chorus - Karima - Repeat]

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