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Im lovin somethin I′d be feeling so lonely, and I just got know why. Could it be all of these phonies, telling me all of these lies. Maybe it is all my ex girls, sayin I wasn't shit, and all those times that it felt real, it was all counterfiet.

Well if I had a second chance, and I could just go ba- Then I′d do it all again and again, regrets not even in my vocab. Cause I'm living every second like this one could be my last. Never falling victim to the cash or the glass. Live it up live it up when you die then give it up, if there's anything I′ve learned I can never get enough. Boy I′m greedy, so greedy, it's time that you believe me that adverous can get me on your TV In your city, I′m a maverick, thanks for all your topics I ain't havin It Heard of all your talkin but I′m sick of all that blabberin I had to win, won't settle till I get that gold medal My feet have all turned red from steppin on these rose pedals And these people talkin like reformers Makin hits easy as girls up on them street corners I′ll be walking on clouds when you see me And your never gonna bring me down, bring me down Cause we won't make mistakes and, your easy to replace so Look who's laughing now, laughing now Tell me how to live Tell me how to separate myself from other kids And if I write rymes will that make me popular Then I write lies Red as a thermometer I was born with competitive nature, if you say you got a dozen then I say I′m the baker I am, earthquaker, Mr shift the plater Always hate the way I hear the words later Later, elevator Yea I had my ups and downs What I did before the present, that means nothing now They told don′t look down Say what you wanna hear But that's what every other up and Comer did last year And if that means we′ll be flyin out by ourselves then man keep your wings I can glide by myself I'll be fine, do it on my own All I need is my heartbeat to beat a metronome Cause we have the music you′ve been looking for And we are the reason you don't look no more Man I′m moon walkin on clouds Look me up dude I'm what you talkin about now You say that we just make the rythems for the mainstream I agree but I target it for the brain stream So when I told you I was lonely Yea That was the old me I'll be walking on clouds when you see me And your never gonna bring me down, bring me down Cause we won′t make mistakes and Your easy to replace so Look who′s laughing now, laughing now

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