The Joint Family

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I'm not alone, i'm just weak desires controlling me Cannot escape cannot say no you're what i need One track mind with you on my mind To me you're just one more in the game So fuck your love i could care less just drop your pride and let me fuck Coz i believe i'm an institution Disparaging force your kind's savior i'm a beast carnal in nature i'll take you, i'll break you I will bring you down Look out for me i'm watching you I will strike when you least expect it Don't complain given the way you dress I'll make sure you'll pay for it i wanna wipe that giggle off your face Your screams and moans is all i wanna hear i'm gonna make sure you live to tell about it And you scream at night when you think about it I believe i'm an institution Destructive force The one-eyed monster I just know This is my true calling I won't stop coz i've got no reason to quit I will bring you down wash your sins away Redeem you from your cage Take your soul away Take your soul away Crush this waste you call your life Look out for me. Look out for me Look out for me i'm the savior Look out for me i'm eclectic Look out for me the defacer Look out for me, look out, i'm the juggernaut Juggernaut

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