ParolesIs It Real

The Bilinda Butchers

Dernière mise à jour le: 18 mai 2020
#together against coronavirus

Can you tell me, is it for real? Now I'm with you in perfect blue Tell me baby, how does it feel?

Just to think, they'll never keep us apart All the nights lying next to me Is it real like I dreamt it'd be Will you let me hear her song Even though she's gone 'Cause I know what I feel, baby Just tell me, is it real? oh, baby Now the smoke with the sex appeal Select just what I want to Plug into how it might feel To hold her and touch her again Is it sad to never love again? Is it real like I dreamt it'd be 'Cause I know that she's still gone When you hear her song I don't know what I feel Tell me is it real? (I'm waiting for you)

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