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Care too much but it doesn′t mean a thing I don't give a fuck just to cope with the pain I′d take a bullet for you, I'd jump in front of train

But when it comes to me, I wonder would you do the same Tryna' find the words, but it′s hard to explain Control how i feel, but it′s hard to contain Walk all over me, when we converse You don't need no comfort, she just want to come first There′s something bout' settling that′s so unsettling I'd almost rather not even feel anything Are these memories even worth remembering Or am i gon be wishin′ i could forget everything I woke up from a black out, thinking back how My parents didn't last, and they just backed out And how that effects how i act now Deal with that everyday, like fiends in the crack house Hold it down for my turf, 'til I′m pushing up daisies and tulips I′ll die for this shit, trade my life for a news clip I live out my dreams, everyday i am lucid I don't get diluted, amidst the confusion I stick to the code, see where it goes The devil he fiend for a piece of my soul And i sold it like two nicks Had me stuck for so long, now im doing what′s best for the movement Baby got me feeling so emotionless Motionless, don't ya see me smokin′ this Neck down paralyzed I can see it in your eyes You've got me running in place Glock forty-five to my face Can′t remember your taste Your lips fucking laced Motionless, motionless, motionless Baby got me motionless Motionless, baby got me motionless You know you got me fucked up I know you never meant to hurt none Lot of drugs on the streets nowadays But girl that pussy is the worst one Said some things i never would have said I did some things i should have never did Through the ups and the downs, and the highs and the lows, I'm just tryna' keep a level head Upping my budget, i just bought a chain i put that on my mother They hated before, but now they all love it don′t know who to fuck with They see me, they plotting, they claim me like property, say they my brothers Showed your true colors, you prove i can′t trust you, don't fuck with these busters Baby how ya feelin′, what ya smokin' on The way i see you movin′, must be something strong Tryna' get these thoughts out of my fucking head Don′t feel like I'm alive, don't feel like i am dead Can′t remember the feeling of your skin Oh this regret, where do I begin Baby let me in, I′m tryna see your fucking face again

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