Samantha Ribaya

Dernière mise à jour le: 26 avril 2020
#together against coronavirus

What would it look like for you to face your fears Throw that caution to the wind and watch it disappear Could you handle

Could you hang Would you wither away Would you embrace love Or stay chasing dames Chasing fame Short road to a coffin Call your pops Let him know that you love him But you keep bein' reckless Defenseless to the bottle Life'll catch up if you avoid all your problems Only you can solve 'em So take a hard look Reference the book And gaze in the mirror Things'll get clearer Lend you my Visine Advising mildly But maintain a watchful eye On you We out here rooting for you So you better be true To your power He came to reclaim His power over you He came to reclaim His power over you Be still Be quiet Don't let the voice get louder Too much thought leaves you to flounder and flop Out of flow Hitting rocks Another wave you'll be OK in time Just let your vibration rise Vibration rise Proclaim it Stake it to a post People wanna leech But I'll be damned if I host A pity party in my own honor Born to be a leader See them follow her Lead the way home Fully grown in the spirit Oh, can't you hear it He said I came to reclaim my power over you

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