ParolesYou Made Me Stronger

Regine Velasquez

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Is it hard to believe I′m ok After all it's been awhile since u walked away I′m way past crying Over you finding someone else You turned my days into nights But now I see the light And this maybe the big surprise to you But/coz uve made me stronger by breaking my heart You ended my life and made a better one start You've taught me everything from falling in love To letting go of a lie Yes you've made me stronger, baby, by saying goodbye If you try to believe I′m not over you Go ahead, there′s nothing wrong with making beleive I know, coz I used to pretend you'll come back to me But time has been such a good friend Brought me to my senses again And I have u to thank < I have u to thank> For setting me free < thank for setting me free> Rep Think again Don′t feel sorry for me, my friend Ooohh... don't u know, I′m not the one of the losing end Rep 2x You've made me stronger, baby, by saying goodbye

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