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With all my southern soul has to offer I speak upon the situation y′all have not acknowledged Enough and yes i do it for the [?]

And the oaks and Georgia forest that will hold me mother father I do it for my enemies and partners I do it for truest side of music that's forgotten I do it for the genius side of music in Atlanta and i′ll be damned if i bothered by a nigga with a problem No longer art it's just some people and their poison Say you in the trap but that's not really where you boys be Niggas wear a mask for the hood rich glory to be posted up on Noisey where that stupid ass noise be Snorting coke and popping pussy is destroying the fabric Why are advocating Vice for entertainment And they should be ashamed when they must taint a million brains because they want a million clicks Are you ordained to work for satan? Turn around my Nigga look at pictures you be painting So much power lies between the people and creation But we just want money, So we all get to faking Talking bout our ties with Haitians and the streets so we could make it Pray for Atlanta everybody wanna make it The blackest city most of us would thrive but there′s a matrix Caucasians getting paid to magnify the things that make us see each other as opponents its a source of self hatred "I′m fresher than you nigga, you can't pop more bottles than me in magic city man get your paper up nigga!" Its the type of shit to get your ego on alarm Make you turn around and sell some crack to someone′s mum Make you think that you gon have to [?] Get one shorty pregnant you not ready so you run You don't even like her you don′t even think she's pretty And now she strips and she can′t even work in magic city I did an interview with Kyle Kramer He asked me how i think i'm gonna fit into Atlanta I told i'm the side that′s been forgotten by the clamor of the trashy motherfuckers degrading the city standard The shit is really getting outta hand I′m Gonna be the realest thing so niggas from my city won't feel like club hits are something that has to go in tandem to make it in Atlanta Pray for Atlanta Well It′s like i'm lost you see Auctioning off my sanity Damaging my relationships Sorry i missed your call it seems I′m not the boy i was yesterday that's the words that they claim i changed so they change on me kinda of rich but it rains on me Somedays but money means nothing but we′re convinced that it does because we're clubbing cussing screaming "It's all about the money!" And brothers busting each other with guns they love it love it push it to radio feeding to the mind of the public Dozens and dozens of poison rush over-flooding Sound is more like a drug affecting the brain like Robotussin I am the medicine predecessors benevolent guess they be believing me pressure is of the elements But no not stressing been chilling getting my rest i got skeletons in my closet caressing the treasure chest I′ve been touring and moving and shaking, free money making, heart breaking around the world What is giving is what is taken Got beef with the random entities hating Thought of becoming Muslim Life′s too short to not enjoy bacon Still i don't eat forever its on my plate and i guess i really can say i relate those who dislike its′ tasting But its our nature to seek out an opposition its human concept destructive necessitating the hatred to fill the balance I guess the yin and yang is within us and we can't hide it no matter how much we fake it But i′m a zenned out master, Action raft blaster, After math class gassing in the car filled with laughter There used to be a chapter when i was young and mad about a 100 million facts i'm unathletic and a bastard But now it doesn′t matter I'm climbing up the ladder pockets fatter sleep like it aftermath and jet lagging And you don't want this life bruh! and i was telling [?] of my life experience to be a doctor or an actor I′m on an odyssey, under pressure i′m cracking They watching me watching me watching watching i know they watching me Schizophrenia haunting me runs in my family And we got some problems beyond the fact that we cannot seem to stick together forever watching our fathers leave Mama sister and aunty and grandma was all i'd really see at all these family reunions And since i′m booming i'm like the man of the clan with the family on my back But we got nothing so this how i live Thank to my loans i made through out college Graduate in debt because of the interest problem by the time i pay it off i got kids ready for college! Living without profit, working like a slave for a man who′s named Bobby And Bobby went to Yale cause he's children of children children of children of children children who daddy help build the building Building my shit from nothing tell me this world is fair Staring you in the eyes Don′t you lie i might fucking lose it Don't lie i might fucking lose it Don't lie i might fucking lose it Don′t lie i might fucking Fucking lose it

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