ParolesAjj Nachna

Rabbi Shergill

Dernière mise à jour le: 25 juillet 2017
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Ajj laggi Satkalje / (Old) memories flood back (flood me) today Dil Socheya hun ki kare / My heart wonders what to do Kevein Bhulle teri yaad nu / how do I forget your memories

Kevein jeeve kithe ja mare / How do I live?, Where do I go and die? Ek terio hi aas si / Only you were my hope Hun oo vi tara ban gayigu / Even you became a distant star Sanu ashiquan di godh nu kanjhar bana ke chad gayi / Left me wandering in the lovers lap Pavein khayiye na kithe jaayiye na ussaan rona vi na / Now I don't not eat anything, I don't go anywhere, now I won't cry anymore. Ussan ajj nachana / I'll dance (celebrate) today

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