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I′m on my own again never thought That I could feel this low, I'm in that Zone again, no text back and no one hits my phone.

Got like two friends, wanna give back but I don′t got the two sense Wanna feel love and it seems kinda stupid Send you my arrow got me feelin like I'm Cupid Why do I do this I know that it's useless From now on I′m gonna be ruthless Don′t call back you get the new phone who dis All of my ego that just got boosted In the storm all day nothing to do so I need to pray 2020 October Halloween was hazy To remember good times sure is kinda crazy, I just broke down on the floor what I'm thinking, hope I survive dopamine Needa feel it This must be life now I better let it sink in, Wait just a minute what am I even missin I′m on my own again never thought That I would feel this low, I'm in that zone again, No text back and nobody hits my phone Cannot get to whats inside, My true feelins I will hide, Go along enjoy the ride, I can not see love is blind Hey, but I want you to stay And every single day I sit and I pray That I might see you and your mind might change And anytime I listen I just fade away like Im tired of it I don′t wanna be here, And honestly she made everything so clear. Keep it goin Julio just keep it goin, Blast the music let em hear it, All that worry disappearin I'm on my own again never thought That I would feel this low, I′m in that Zone again, with no text back nobody hits my phone My hearts cold again, never knew That we would be old friends I'll never love again, My minds running its time to make it end

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