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Patricia Maguire

Dernière mise à jour le: 22 juin 2020
#together against coronavirus

I'm not much of a writer In fact, I hardly write at all But I thought I'd write a few words about

What caused this country to stop Strange and uncertain times has Put us all in quite a tizzy Some of us are calm and relaxed While others are keeping busy Hugging family meeting friends And just holding someone's hand Back to enjoying life again Are a few things I have planned I can't wait to get back on stage Performing at pubs and weddings I've taken these things for granted But from now on I count my blessings I've been baking, and singing And learning lots of new things I've also been preparing myself For what life after lockdown brings So stay at home keep safe and well And we'll ride this storm together Smile at someone, be kind And we'll soon see brighter weather So if your feeling sad because You can't see your family and friends Think of those on the front line Burning the candle at both ends Some people have felt heartache While others have felt pain Wondering if their lives Will ever be the same again This is a hurdle we almost past We've got to understand This was sent for a reason It's all part of God's master plan So stay at home wash your hands Keep things nice and clean In years to come we can all look back And say we lived through COVID-19 Just think of all the fun we'll have When we beat COVID-19

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