ParolesBelieve Me (feat. Five)

Nick Carter Green, Five

Dernière mise à jour le: 29 avril 2020
#together against coronavirus

I been trying to write this verse But it's getting worse time and time again I don't know why my friends fly in the wind

Off top like I forgot the pen I'm without the kin I only want the Barbie I don't why I say, I say this hardly For everything that I said, I said I'm sorry 'Cause you know that my back's against the ropes That's why my niggas smoking dope Real shit cause it's getting hard to cope Our whole school system is a joke Our kids won't get the chance to grow They trying to shoot us in the street So we keep the heat Know we keep it close Won't go, so I pass the 9 to Five Go live 'cause they wanting you to blow, my nigga Half of my life, I've been losing it They always had something to talk about The shit that I heard it was ludicrous I guess why they call that shit word of mouth Drip, drip then for the Cauca' Safe to say that they hate me now But I can't hate them back Mad love for the kinfolk that ain't kinfolk I'ma make them put it up like Debo coming Chain gang, oh, there he go Hate from behind my back But in my face You say that my flow nice ass nigga That shit tight ass nigga Do it for the low Mmm, half price ass nigga When you gon' learn that we more than that Learn that we more than black, nigga This shit is easy Believe me My mama, my mama been telling me Just take it easy 'Cause nigga I know now What you niggas can't be No navigation, I'm used to this road M, P, boy, I'm too used to the NO's You'll be surprised what they do for a vote Safe to say that ain't never been me They saying I'm speaking too loud I'm used to not speaking at all Spirit is tall Try knocking me off You don't want to get Nick too involved, sigh Y'all really be macking the rest of your life I could tell you niggas that ain't way If you thinking that's the way to your peace Might as well go and get you a plate This really for the inner circle This really for the inner circle Don't fuck with niggas, we'll hurt you Don't fuck with niggas, we'll hurt you This shit is easy Believe me My mama, my mama been telling me Just take it easy 'Cause nigga I know now What you niggas can't be I might switch the flow up Just check the glow up They know that a reign's coming Hold on motherfucker, did you say something Saying that you stay stunting, but you stay stunted You don't get it Think these little niggas Too worried 'bout the bitches Too worried 'bout the cars Too worried 'bout the riches Been telling them they're washed Should worry 'bout the dishes But they worried 'bout the sauce Wouldn't put you on my chitlins Lenses on God, that's high note Spyro, hot for girlfriends I know (So holla when you get a pair) Shit, holla when you get up here I'm on a different plane Call me David Blaine Make your baby mama disappear, bitch If all that we got is us, fine Please forgive me Now I see that I've been blind Give us love Give us one last time Love is what I need to help me know my name

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