Mut4y, ELHI

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#together against coronavirus

She hold me down neva let a man go She hold me tight never make me feel cold Hmmmm

Girl with you girl i feel no pain Gimme love girl i no fit complain Hmmmm Oh girl there's something About your body Oh girl it traps me Oh girl you trap me Oh you bad for me You intoxicate me Sey na wetin be dis i no fit think straight Wetin you dey do i no fit concentrate Come in my room girl it's getting late I go chop all your food i go still lick plate Oru kile leyi omo morogo Body smoking hot like tobacco Where you want go se na morocco Omo money full my hand omo ologo Need you now Oh oh girl i need you now Oh you bad for me You intoxicate me Oh you bad for me I like Mutay

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