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Tvameva mata cha pita tvameva, Tvameva bandhu chasakha tvameva Tvameva vidya dravinam tvameva, Tvameva sarvam mama deva deva

Jina ke hridaya Shri Raama base Una aura ko nama liyo na liyo Koi maange kanchana si kaayaa. Koi maanga rahaa prabhu se maaya Koi punya kare, koi daana kare. Koi daana kaa roza bakhaana kare Jina kanyaa dhana ko daana diyo. Jina ke hridaya Shri Raama... Koi ghara mein baitha namana kare Koi Hari mandir mein bhajan kare Koi Gangaa Jamunaa snaana kare. Koi Kaashijaa ke dhyaana dhare Jina maata pitaa ki sevaa ki. Una tirtha snaana kiyo na kiyo Jina ke hridaya Shri Raama base, Una aura ko nama... Explanation Lord You are my Mother and Father, brother, friend, education, intelligence, wealth, my prosperity. In fact. You are my everything Lord of all " Lords". - There is no need to take any other name when the Lord (Seeta and Raam) dwells within you. Some pray in Temples some bathe and pray in the Rivers – Ganga and Jamunaa. Some go to Holy Places like Kaashi to pray. But whoever takes care of their parents, has done everything necessary in the world, and does not need the blessings to be obtained from Holy Pilgrimages.

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