Modest Mouse

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Last night you know I couldn't sleep I was tossing, turning, and counting sheep To tell the truth

The next thing I knew I woke up on the outside In the middle of the avenue A policeman spied me traffic there In my t-shirt and my underwear He said, son, son It sure don't look good The way you've been calling for your baby All over the neighborhood It seems I was sleepwalking Again last night The way I was sweet talking It must have caused a terrible fright Last night when I was sleepwalking Someone saw me at a doughnut shop I was sitting, crying on a tabletop It was not a pretty sight I was out of control The way that I was carrying on About my sweet jelly roll I said officer please My baby's got me down on my knees Lying in bed Late at night Sometimes I just go out of my head At night And I go out sleepwalking Later on down at the jail cell I was hoping things would turn out well Because I don't recall That masquerade ball And I don't remember nothing y'all About that blown up rubber doll So lately I've stopped going anywhere And I've taken to sleeping with a teddy bear It's a very full and rich Imaginary life And it's sure enough better than dreaming y'all About any imaginary wife

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