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Bet you're gettin' the wrong idea 'bout me Bet you're thinkin' there's more than the eye can see I'll tell you somethin', then maybe again I won't

'Cause now you see me, but who knows, maybe you don't Time after time... you had your chances and you threw them away.oh no. Don't waste my time, 'cause I don't need the glory That's all I want to say... Chorus: Gimme your love You know what it does to me -Drives me crazy... ain't tellin' no lies Gimme your love With you I feel satisfied When you're by my side I tell you no lies It's on the line... can't think about nothin' else Suits me fine, 'Cause I know we're two of a kind To trust myself is something I just can't do So how the hell.girl... am I going to trust you? Night after night... two crazy people getting high on their love Crazy love... Don't stop me now, I got a one-way ticket straight to your heart.oh no. Repeat Chorus Bet you're gettin' the wrong idea 'bout me I bet you're thinkin'...there's more than the eye can see Well, you should talk... I know quite a bit about you Don't look so worried, just do what we both want to do 'Cause time after had your chances and you threw them away All away... You cut it so fine with your advances honey, Now I know just what to say Repeat Chorus

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