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Master Yoda the KMC

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What The World Wants What the world wants

Is to control and command What the world wants You to be a proper good man What the world wants Is for you to conform and blend in What the world wants Is for you to not rise above it What does the world want? I really don′t give a fuck PSA, I'm fed up Fed up with living putting in Over time From the crack of dawn then all through The night And sipping on coffee 4-5 times a day just to Get by You couldn′t comprehend how thin I spread My mind Pop programmed me to grind and get what's mine so I Get along just fine I just find myself exhausted from Time to time Passing out in my pad Micken waking me up Like you alright? Be careful you're burning yourself Out lil guy And god dam is he right But it′ll pay off in the end I already see it In sight Im just sick of posting tik toks not to cop a follow Or like, Why when I put it in all this effort And time? And not getting any recognition for my skills on the mic Like why? When any of your skills don′t near Match mine Your uneducated utter swine Im a hip hop historian so I poor my heart And soul in every line, Do my best work in the Dark cause I'm the Knight, You think you can critique me? You know What I think right? I think until you listen well you ain′t Got the right, Hip hop is my life without it I Wouldn't survive Fuck what the world wants I′ll smoke it Out of spite, Worm? Micken? Ayo who Got the light? Haha I do fuck I'm high Second Verse What the world wants is me to get with it What the world wants is for me to be a gimmick Fuck Yoda they want lil dipshit These little hill billy inbreds swallow dip spit Backward ass brains insist this shit is shit Not my fault your parents be brother and sis I think long dawg but you move in inches That′s why you bitches can't get with this So I say fuck the world and all of its wishes I'm gonna continue to be vicious and just rip this Until my magic Wanda makes you see the Vision I′m an unstoppable force ain′t an object I can't move When I′m committed there ain't a thing I can′t do I lose my temper get incredible like Hulk and smash you Some say I'm a stubborn fuck with a bad attitude, I′ll explain it once nice maybe twice after that it's on you Don't try to manipulate me or poison my view When half of you couldn′t make it off your fucking stoop in my boots You mother fuckers don′t got a clue You think I don't already have the answer when I ask you? What does the world want? Joe Rogan once quoted Jordan Peterson and it spoke to me Roughly it goes society Says you′re supposed to be Weak and docile a pacifist but nope not me You need to learn to be a ruthelessy ambitious Monstrosity, Ding ding ding now that sounds like me But I be disciplined to a disgusting degree So controlling this power really simply ain't for me Often told my drive will be my detriment Fuck that I stay in the booth spitting fire like Etrigan Again and again until I′ve perfected it, If it I ain't the best I ever did you′ve never heard it kid, You can't control me each verse I'm gonna murder it, I′m gonna continue to prosper regardless Nowadays you all as an audience Wanna see stupid shit I don′t know what else to call it The radio makes me wanna bomb out vomit If I'm truly being honest, I liked it better when music was more than a catchy hook, A cool video with a hot bitch You want me to sing and dance and act like a pop bitch, I wouldn′t bend my arm for a billion dollars to be Fake and make garbage I'm gonna continue to push my pen and pay homage Come every time more ill raw, ruthless, entertaining and honest And this is just the tip So you best get with it or get the fuck on dick How was that Micken? Ahhhhhh fuck what you think too

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