ParolesUnless We Die


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Have you any idea how it would feel if your life went straight to hell Do you think you know what you would do if nothing ever turned out well Life it doesn′t follow logic it doesn't run on a set of rules

There ain′t no late start on the street and sure as shit there ain't no school We get wasted We get high There ain't nothing we would rather do We′d rather die We keep piling misery and packing pain and in the end we just feel worse We′d do anything to relieve us for a short time from this fucking curse You can't take anything for granted we live our life like the roll of a dice We stood in hell′s way for far too long and now we must pay the price We dive headlong We close our eyes You pray to your fucking god While we deny We can't stop this While we′re alive We can't stop this Unless we die There ain′t no tomorrow We're throwing it all away No turning back Nothing stands in our way Keep on going just fucking it up Maybe someday it'll go away There ain′t no explanation There ain′t no reason why we went astray There ain't no tomorrow We′re throwing it all away No turning back Nothing stands in our way We weren't made for this life Won′t turn back now Stay the fuck away from me

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