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Lil Chronie, Yung Tuck

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Yung tuck Gettin dubs in greasy grove

We in tilted now, yeah from haunted hills we drove Me and tuck, yeah we back out on our grind Better portafort I′ll get you from behind Opened a chest got a golden scar It's chapter three, they added cars If you playin fortnite on pc Go outside and touch some grass you feel me Tuck and chronie, we gettin dubs Tuck and chronie, we doin drugs Tuck and chronie, gettin wins Tuck and chronie, we always win Pulled up on yo squad yeah you better run Equipped with a p90, this gon-na be fun If you don′t get outta here imma shoot Wipin out yo squad gettin all the loot Landing in tilted with my homies You finna get capped if you see lil chronie If you wanna fight meet me in loot lake You is gonna loose, you made a mistake Better get yo best guns, Meet me in creative where we'll one v one I got a brand new Louie back bling I love the battle bus so I will sing I like fortnite so I played it at a rodeo Roundin up my cattle yeah I really like to farm you know 360 no scope, hope it gets clipped Cuz at fortnite, you're absolute Don′t get in my way or I′ll send you to the lobby Once I get my loadout you know nothings gonna stop me I got so much money yeah I'm ballin in them vbucks Got so many wins but they will never be enough Fortnite on my laptop, Getting dubs in class Race me in a shopping cart, you′re gonna be last Got a vpn now I'm ballin with my crew Boutta sweep you and your duo, but you already knew

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