Liam Young

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#together against coronavirus

I grow always Mic check 1 2 3 4 Let's run this shit

Its Liam young Back on the spot like a new bee stung I ain't a bee I'm a butterfly So fly cause I hover high People talking bull shit wanna another hi there Well hi there come and kill you bitches see if I care Please try to match my look I dare Y'all can't even compare If you saw my life man you'd be scared All the bs I bared I straight up teared But the present ain't pleasant Gotta move faster move through disaster Till I'm a master definitely not a bastard Cds to a telephone Y'all need methadone Y'all addicted to me high key fuck man can't you see Narcissistic nihilist come over dial this You know how my style is don't need a stylist Surprise surprise I arise devised a new chapter Y'all can read it after I'm ten feet deep Catch my name catch my game I'm the same motherfucker who changed this whole game. But yall think I'm lame Cause I try my name fame Well, dame, you don't even know this changed game I've been playing I've been staying up at night Trying to move all my lefts to a right Hope to god that I find the god That'll bring me from the sod To the sky, way up high Want it badder than they ever knew Make new forms of revenue Its been forever dude Since I haven't felt blue And bitch you ain't even heard of this Cause I'm like hold up fuck yous up Fuck you think bitch fuck you up Fuck you think bitch fuck you up Oh it's every single day Yall think you can play with me the g the og Been lowkey crazy

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