Last Hope

Dernière mise à jour le: 25 juillet 2017
Nous avons détecté quelques soucis
Si tu as trouvé des erreurs, merci de nous aider en les corrigeant.

I′ve never seen you before You came around not long ago And now i see you playing fake

New local scene hero Another fake - ass wannabe A hypocrite - your talk is cheap Another know - it - all Stupid whining kid Where the fuck were you When we were just few You never new what we have been through Who the fuck are you Don't try to teach us fool Don′t need to prove ourselves - we do what we do You never knew what we've been through Come and go It's not like this No sorry - ass In too deep Down for real It′s just for us Newcomer - don′t try to teach You got to learn the rules before you preach We built it, we run it - it's our thing Appreciation we don′t need Your respect ain't worth shit We′re here just for us - in too deep

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