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Kendrick Lamar

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Heard a conversation with my father talking to his favorite partner At the domino table, Tony had told him that he saw a Young nigga hopping out busting like four charters

Popping pills, mix a gallon of sherm and some holy water Mix a gallon of sherm and some holy water Sell it to a priest he probably can get it off by tomorrow It's wicked when my favorite uncle kick it Fiends trying to kick the addiction of sucking glass dicks Vivid images go against any fantasy you can fathom Phantoms ain't the only thing that suicidal Open the doorway to his soul Hit the hallway then hit the closet you see a rifle Aim it at your arteries pardon me, parts of me is pyscho In retrospect my respect was a power ranger high note Tumbling backwards into a karate kicking high note My innocence would eventually see a hindrance Surrenduring Ninja Turtles, pizza and Sega Genesis Heard it over my bunk bed ear hustling Something my papa said that caught my attention His eyes red he's smoking on marijuana mixing the two eleven He said I'm seven going on sixty-seven The day I turned seventeen is the day that a lesson inside my lifetime Come across a clothes line, every stick is a co-sign Everything in the streets got the power to make me go blind Even if he sat me down in the sunshine and gave me those eyes Comprehend it well and I could smell the soberness evaporating by itself He said, "Tony my biggest fear is to hear Kendrick disappeared in the fire out here and I didn't help So if I can give him the game to hydroplane his decisions in life so he can go Further than the streets and remain to be on the honor roll" Sacrifice my life even if that shit, my mama though Til the day he carried by the big six, domino Backpack raps with gats in it Don't get your cap peeled by the black menace K Dot Thoroughbred Move like a militant soldier On point like a pyramid, force to be reckoned with With the best shit Like the strongest manure, I'm ready when you are This is it I'm in the lab cooking up all day, eff em up all day Like a nympho, I been dope since s curl waves Trying to convince hoes I got good hair Knowing damn well there's chemicals there I'm in the hood with the 17 year olds that's on hood patrol And they want stripes so they shoot off bikes and you know Any moment you can lose your life so kiss your kids or hug your wife or whatnot yo I spawned with a dragon He tried to throw his flame but I ducked and I stabbed him Came out the battle laughing That's a metaphor for any rapper who want it I smack em 'til their nose is running You know the hoes is coming if I'm there And the hoes is cumming once we hit that hotel That's no assumption, cool out before I move out Hop on the 105 and do about 105 before your ass get threw out There's a dead guy on the freeway, oh it's not Dot Tell the medics it's okay, a beast when the beat break You probably think I'm dope like the it's the realest shit I wrote But to me it's a throw away I stare at them four walls and rap like I'm mad at God Nice enough, I throw a spear at Nas, a jab at Jay Matter fact, no, I take that back See I don't play with real legends of rap like you do And I'm crucial concealed by real Crips and Soowoos And they shoot, they photography students when beef get to brewing

1 traduction disponible ||| 1 traductions disponibles1 traduction disponible ||| 1 traductions disponibles
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