ParolesThe snail and the whale song

Julia Donaldson

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This is the tale, the incredible tale of a snail and a whale, This is the tale, the incredible tale of a snail, who sailed all round the world on the tail of a whale. Land, sea and sky, it was all so enormous it made the snail cry.

Land, sea and sky, "Oh, how terribly tiny am I, Oh, how tiny am I!" said the snail with a sigh. Then came the day, when the whale lost his way and was beached in a bay, Then came the day, when the water was slipping away, And he heavily, helplessly lay in the bay. Here comes the snail! Keep your eyes on the blackboard, she's leaving a trail. Here comes the snail, and she writes on the board, "Save the Whale!" "Save the Whale!" wrote the snail with her silvery trail. Dig, squirt and spray, all the children and firemen are working away, Dig, squirt and spray, till the tide rolls back into the bay, And the whale and the snail travel safely away. Snail after snail after snail slithers onto the tail of the whale, Snail after snail, and they sing to the sea as they sail, Yes they sing as they sail on the tail of the whale.

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