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Jude Grant

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Because you′ve got You're the only one who can take control of your mind And so, it is up to you

To know it, to own it, and say "Mm-kay, this is what it is, and I′m stronger than that" 6 in the morning, awake again in this body 23, dropout, live at home, making coffee Rub my eyes until that fact really comes into focus again Bike to work along the backroad to McHenry Play indie folk and pour the day's first cup for Kenny Then, scribble down some notes for that song I just can't finish yet Then All day small talk on sleep and weather When the business in town will get better and Drink too much drip, stain my jeans and sweatshirt Avoid questions on plans for the future Until afternoon and the closed cafe Sweep the floors, dance to music from high school days Not the movie I wanted, but what′s on in Long Grove tonight? Pass the kids playing outside the old bar Cheer on the dad strumming Springsteen on guitar Not the movie I′d hoped for, but cheap seats in Long Grove tonight Messy room, take half a nap, maybe a workout Then hours pass at my piano trying to work out Some lyrics that I think could make the best of my circumstances Give up when I finally realize that I'm starving Late night dinner, watch the news beside my mom and Try not to choke up when she says she′s proud of how hard I'm trying ′Cause These days hard to fend off all the memories Of that boy and the lost opportunities So step out to the yard, take a deep breath Summer crickets hum like an orchestra Sing a solo along to their accompaniment Not the movie I wanted, but not bad for Long Grove tonight Fingers crossed, one day I'll un-cross my stars For now watch them alone twinkling on my lawn Thought I′d join them by now, but far from it in Long Grove tonight So maybe I won't ever amount to much But I still got these songs, despite all my luck Not the movie I planned, but my best score for Long Grove tonight You have been taught what's important It′s your integrity You don′t lie You don't lie You are kind Okay? You like people You work hard That makes for a tremendous human being

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