Joseph Muniz

Dernière mise à jour le: 3 mai 2020
#together against coronavirus

Little by little they watchin' and hatin' They scheming on me but I got the patience

I'm moving on up and I used to be waitin' Now I see the future mask off like it's Jason I'm runnin' this race, strapped in my bag See me elevating but why you so mad? Don't need opinions it's all about facts My God is the greatest say this with no cap (Yuh) Callin' me different (Aye yuh), I say I'm one of a kind Been working so hard a minute I'm focused and I have just been on my grind Cause this wasn't always the plan (Na) But now I know this is my place They told me trusting in God, seek him and it will just fall into place They diggin' my music go grab me a shovel Grew up with snakes and I came from the rubble Name is not Jorge but I came from the jungle I'm working hard for my fam to live comfortable Mention the blessings but I am not bragging My God is the captain no need for the capping Look at the sky it's all part of his canvas One day they'll put that in captions Shoutout to all of my latins, tu sabes que Dios está conmigo Yo tengo un gozo en el alma lo siento porque se que eres mi amigo I got a flow that's so frío I do not care bout' the yello Don't care bout the ice on my wrist, I'm focused on my heart to make it pa el cielo Pueden hablar, (aye yuh) na it doesn't phase me As long as my God is all for us then nothing's against me so I know it's gravy (yuh) Shoutout to my lady (Ooo) Baby you fine (Facts) God just be blessing when I don't deserve it so I had to give him my life (Yuh)

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