ParolesNone of My Answers

Jordan Klassen

Dernière mise à jour le: 27 mai 2020
#together against coronavirus

She's a creek in the meadow A benevolent force That carves the grand canyon

By staying her course At the top of a promise There's a flag of resolve You move down the mountain It's easy to fall I'm a little distracted I'm a little obscene Tearing out pictures from old magazines All the faces looked brighter Just 40 years ago If I could live anywhere That's where I'd go Was alone in the corner In my own head Pleading my case to the peace And the sentence was fatal I have to return Whenever I'm feeling the need None of my answers are inside of me There's a friend on the phone line Telling bad news They left the cage open And somebody flew In a moment of weakness She asks if I could And never say never But I never would Oh the night is a magnet It's easy to dance At times when it's harder to see And I'm watching her moving She pulls me along I forget to remember to flee Oh I wanted a lover A dramatic dead end A commotion to come make me free But I got something better I got me a friend A river becomes a valley None of my answers are inside of me None of my answers are inside of me

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