ParolesThere Stands the Cost

John Lomacang

Dernière mise à jour le: 22 juillet 2017
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Jesus fasted forty days and nights And then the tempter came And led him to a mountain

That overlooked the earth's domain Then Satan pointed to the world Displayed beneath their feet And said these kingdoms could be yours If you'll bow and worship me But Jesus know the price that must be paid And as He gazed toward Golgotha You could hear him say There stands the cost Like a veil that has been lifted now I see A glimpse of what the Father has for me For there beyond the splendor Lies a vision of the cross And the Father calls to me There stands the cost Down through time the cross Has called my name And still my endless fear Is wondering if my spirit Will always find the faith to hear For it calls on me to carry it To daily bear its weight To be more like the Christ it held And give my life away For He knows well the price that must be paid And as He calls to me right now I can hear him say Repeat

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