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Ja Rule

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Ja Rule Pain Is Love Livin′ It Up (Feat. Case) [Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah, yeah We all my... Yeah C'mon, c′mon, uh To all my bitches that be givin' it up, uh To all my niggas that be livin' it up, we say... To all my bitches that be givin′ it up, ah C′mon [Verse 1: Ja Rule] Baby, you're such a typical, everyday, one night thing It′s a physical, I'ma fuck, you tonight thing Fuck, knowing your name, get your ass in the Range And rollover, gettin′ blown while blowing the doja Bring head to a closure That's a good bitch Before it′s all over, I'ma leave this bitch Probably treat this bitch, smoke better 'Cause if you ain′t know, gangstas and hoes go together Poppin′ my collar, partna Who in the spot? Baby, Rule in the spot In the mug and the watch, love me Half the hoes hate me, half them love me The ones that hate me only hate me 'cause they ain′t fucked me And they say I'm lucky Do you think I′ve got time to fuck all these hoes? And do all these shows? Or flight in the lama, Dodge and White Rolls Uh-oh, another episode [Hook: Case & Ja Rule] What, do I do? To all my niggas that be livin' it up, we say... What, I do To all my bitches that be givin′ it up, uhh What, you do To all my niggas that be livin' it up, we say... What, do I do? To all my bitches that be givin' it up, uhh My love for you C′mon [Verse 2: Ja Rule] Bitches, just wanna hold the name exactly That′s why they suck dick with more passion than apples And I ain't mad at′cha Never leave you alone 'Cause we fucks when I′m home We both grown, both got minds of our own Bust our freaks off like old dog and Love Jones Been, in many zones, baby One hoe, two hoes Fuck prizzy bitches, the hoes that do bono But you know, the Rule be livin' it up And got all these hoes, givin′ it up I like a little Rule baby, how cute are you? With a body that rides all sexual I got a stick, I'll ride right next to you Do a doughnut, and cut, and I'll open it up On the freeway, dick in her mouth, foot on the clutch Rule bitch, not givin′ a fuck [Hook] [Ja Rule] C′mon, we get high C'mon, we get ride C′mon, we get live Live yo' life [Verse 3: Ja Rule] Love you so sexy, I just want you next to me Your whole vibe, like you high on Extasy ′Caue ain't nuthin′ but an E thang baby I know that pussy wet like crazy I wanna feel your passion, come when you ask me Laugh when you cry, cry when you laughin' But ain't nothin′ happenin′ The bitch got a little too high Picked up my ride and started crackin' The radio blastin′ +Between Me And You+ But you ain't on the low with that freak shit you do I thought you knew (What I do) Know I know (What you do) ′Cause it's been a good night, your head ain′t right Like Teddy P, let's +Turn Off The Light+' And grind it out, takin′ no times out ′Til the sun come out Bitch, when you find out [Hook 2x] [Ja Rule] C'mon, we get high C′mon, we get ride C'mon, we get live C′mon, it's my time [Ja Rule talking until end]

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