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In Reverent Fear

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Summer. The sunsets and your eyes as clear as life, Spelling the name of surprise, the most beautiful girl under the skies.

I miss home and i miss you. I miss your flower dresses and your smell. All i ever wanted was to give you the world. This cool concord air reminds me of you And all the letters you wrote me telling me you loved me. I want to hear that again, like fireworks. Remember? Every song we ever shared still echoes silent prayers. Remember february 26? It was "you and me in the summertime." I wrote down the day i never wanted to forget. The skies are ripe tonight to feel this air and fly. Kiss and say goodbye, tonight's the night we fly. And i wont forget the way you made me feel And i didn't think this kiss would be our last goodbye. Goodbye. I want to hold you one more time but the summer came and went. Now all i have is the memories and the air that reminds me of a peach. I miss you.

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