ParolesClosure (feat. Demo Jay)


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I don′t wanna see you I don't want nothing to do with you I don′t wanna go where you are

But you can't help but see that Baby I'm done trying act I don′t wanna go where you are Man I′m tired of your shit Said I'm tired of trying to be inspired Got me taking narcotics confiscated off the wire Reminiscing on the times that I been higher Calling me ya supplier but fuck it all cause you fired I remember the good times the wetter The car rides love letters the hard times the better Cold nights giving you my sweater Smoother than silk our love it was tougher than leather Yeah I′m hurting cause you closing the curtains Played you like you was kidding no ribbons but you were certain Heart stone cold roads is swerving You should've spoke up if I was really a burden Now I′m in pain no shit won't be the same Traded in all my love in return you bringing me shame Calling out for ya name you ain′t know I bought you a ring I was gonna change ya life so tell me what do you gain But you don't care go up another stair Toting all of ya baggage you know that this shit ain't fair You worried about ya make up fresh nails and your hair While I′m trying to keep up with ya mood swings I beware Cuz you the problem but I don′t wanna solve em Cuz if I do then it's you crying and balling to ya next nigga Deff triggered You better warn em No you can′t use my phone for Tyrone you better call em You really leaving after we finished eating Can't believe you a hoe but I knew it was for a season Knew if I made a reason l′ll find out that you were cheating I can't believe that I loved you my heart is literally bleeding Your love was all that I needed but now I′m feeling indecent Bitch get the fuck out my face I ain't tryna go to the precinct Can't believe I got high off you but this cheeba got me night times 2 I e girl fuck you

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