ParolesChild (Early Mix)


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Child you're talking of freedom Painted on your garden wall It's not there at all

Child you're talking of wisdom You say wisdom is a golden rule You ain't no fool But you don't know who it is Who calls you name In the light of the golden moon You don't know who it is who brought you here And chained up your heart So soon Child you're life is a fairytale And it's not the same And the clouds You're hiding behind In your misty mind have disappeared Like a sailor far from the shores of your dreams And far from the love of your home Sailor lost on your own misty seas And the chains on your heart, baby Might be my love Might be my love It's so confusing And you feel that you're loosing yourself But, there over the mountain You thought you'd never have to climb There's a road Reaching and stretching To the corner of your mind Like a river casts aside the dust And grows and grows as it flows The feeling deep inside of you Must break like a dam So set you free So set you free So set you free

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