ParolesDad and Co.

Francis Lai, Michel Legrand

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She was a song. You were a friend. And I would call you Pa.

She played your part. Up to the end. And I would call her Ma. You sailed away. The wind blew high. Talk to you in Heaven. Life always comes apart. At the seams. Can't replay your scenes. She grew the house. You have the wise. She keeps up to you now. You both perform up in the skies. And I, awaiting the next reviews. In Mary Jane shoes. I was starting the trip. And the stage was my ship. Who's blowing the horn? Now that the winds have gone. You work her. Out for love. A mother and a father. Couldn't be any more caring. Now you ride a diff'rent tide. To what shore are you faring. Wish I could find my way. Direct through all kinds of doorways. Closing in on children's minds. They look down there old hallways. Grown up work and kids end list. Like just a string of Sundays. They're on their own. I'm on my own. She was a song. You were a friend. And I would call you Pa. She played your part so well. The candles play. The curtains down. My call on my defenses. I can hear all kind of sounds. They're reaching all my senses. Where am I to go from here? No one to soothe but grieving. Don't know where to go from here. My only know. I'm leaving now.

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