Parolesfine linen (feat. Ana Rose)

DJ Yamz

Dernière mise à jour le: 20 avril 2020
#together against coronavirus

Two years in the dark Self-questioning, constantly second-guessing Everything I knew

So justified In Being alone Too soon Ooohhh But now I feel so Reborn Restored I slip off my robe I get in the bath The water caresses . The candles are bright The taste of this chocolate The spray of perfume I'm taking it in I'm taking it in I fill up the glass just enough to cruise I'm feeling kinda tipsy so I play my tunes I'm moving correct My vibes they connect Won't settle for less Tonight I get to be My self-sufficient Lover Tonight I get to be My self-sufficient Lover The sounds of Lauryn Hill play loud in the back She said, "How you gonna win if you ain't right within?" I'm not that close enough to finish healing For now I'm on the road and taking it slow So pour the wine and give me time Tonight I revel in my own bliss Cause I'm my self sufficient lover

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