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DJ Lostnfound

Dernière mise à jour le: 25 avril 2020
#together against coronavirus

Start it up I got keys to the ride You gon have to stay alive

You gon have to come inside I'm like start it up Can you tell I got drive Hands up give me five You gon have to come inside Like skrr Yeah I got the keys Yeah I got keys Yeah I got the keys Yeah I got keys Yea Give me a chance Yea I'm doing my dance I pray up to God and Fly out to France Fast and furious Yea you curious Taking a look and then glance Black on black how's that step back Ai over Lue with the stance Now back to rapping back to the snapping ankle breaker back To the cracking like vertebrae now back to the back end Lemme have fun with that You know I run with that Then I go huddle back You cannot muzzle that Wait What is the reason I been great all this time along Wait What is the reason why you sleeping Take this Tylenol I'm true to rapping even when I'm in my private home Swerving just to stay in lane in my Private zone I told em they don't want to start me Y'all be sus you can cut out the Malarkey No debate I'll turn my civic to a 'Rarri They tryna get in where they fit in I turned my head like naw I'm double Parking boi ooh Yeah I got the keys Yeah I got the keys That favor done paid it in full Some of y'all whipping a lease I'm out here just living in peace No enemies... signed the deed... Amenities Keeping that same energy while yall Be mad Cuz your tempers Tempurpedic ohh That's me to my core My way never seemed to work so I Hit my knees on all 4s No going back I fall forward I hit the map and parkour it Yeah! I'm soaring Won't taste defeat cuz that's foreign

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