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#together against coronavirus

Feared my own shadow and thought I'd never get it Masochistic, hollow, and so god damn pathetic As you gave me a life, I stole, I'm now indebted

A never winning hand I dealt for you and bet it Bound to the glory of darkness in a sense I burned what I saw on your side of the fence As I waited and I hated; for the sun from up above, To descend into the sea from the beaches without love All th' kings horses and all th' kings men They were never, ever able to fix me back then With all it was: the bleakness; the foreshadow of the lens You put me all together without formal amends To fear your own shadow and the hell that's spewed from it The fighting was a daily, as you shine and shine for it Though the clouds cover over the night sky in the forest You shine, and shine, and shine, and shine The fire burns for it You never ever, ever, ever bowed down to it I know you've spit so far into the darkness for it I know you'll always be there I know you'll never leave my side Never As the days became shorter And the nights became longer You'd gather up the candles as the darkness hovered over And you'd dive into the trenches As my entire being wrenches And even when... I cut you... Then... Your wound will be there... It'll never fully heal... A constant reminder of all the guilt that I feel And, even now Though very well deserved I will know my place and shrine your grace for as long as you have served So from now on... Until the day that I die Gratitude is what I'll feel for every day that you have tried And now to address the gutless cowards Who've mocked us Who've made our lives oh, so much harder Hear me We don't care My loved ones laugh at the ass that you are Stupid And senseless So clueless I have my thoughts to share with you now... Try Do better Be better For all the world around that you live Family I love you I owe this "thank you"

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