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Cory Soul

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Fuck all the cheap shit Touching you in the distance Loving you like its Christmas

Missing you yea you miss this Cant relate to no problems Argue no who gone start them I′m not gone be a problem I'll take us to the Harlem′s Won't be no hard times We'll be good we are just fine Make you smile girl your alright Determined yea that′s alright Loyal girl I′m not hopeless Found you girl I'm not hopeless Bring your dreams and your wish list Grab your bags I′m gone fix this Yea Bright future with a cute smile I want to take you down Love your moans I love your sounds like oh What did you do What did you do I'll make your dreams come true Do anything for you Baby I can wonder if you′ll handle it My feelings way up like a chandelier Can wonder if you'll hold me when I′m lonely I'll do the same thing that's how it′s supposed to be Supposed to be Supposed to be Supposed to be I think about you I wonder if I can survive without you I realize the truth Where have you been I′ve been imagining Got my arms around you Loving you I got the patience Girl they just talk about you And let them talk about you girl Can we arrange this love I have for you like angel dust Raising up Don't quit don′t fuss I'll raise you up Never lust just Love my wills I′ll be your drug Need some hugs Wont be your least I'm always up Surf your coast Girl you know I love you loads Pave your roads Love me till I overdose Hold you close In the night keep holding on Wrote this song to tell you no moving on No moving on No moving on

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