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Christina Grimmie

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Everything that I′ve ever wanted I have, uh, Left here on the floor (On the floor, on the floor, here we go) Everything that I've ever wanted to be (I don′t need your sass) I am nothing anymore, uh Turn it up now, here we go, I'm gonna shave your hairy legs! (yea, yea, shave it) Here we are, looking for someone to help Us out from this rut (in your butt, in your butt, oh) Yeah, cause we have nowhere to go from here Cause we're left alone looking at spheres Little bouncing balls all around Dancing to tunes, scooby doo! (dooby doo) Have you ever been, looking for a little friend Need some help, now do ya? (Do ya, Do ya, Do ya) Cause we′re here together to help you out from everything That your in, that you′re stuck in Can't believe what they said to me They said you were falling you was trying to flee Cause when ya falling you just skinnin the knee And I′m here to tell you that your my honey bee No kinda friend could replace ya till the end Your my lovable huggable Get me outta trubb-abble You are everything I've ever, I ever, ever, ever, ever, ever wanted Nothing anybody could take, a take, a take away (Ey, ey, ey) Never turn your back (Whoa, ohh, ohh, ohh) But if you do I′ll always be here I don't know why I always try But I always bite your arm For some reason I′m addicted to the parm covered arm Parmesan cheese, I never meant to please All I ever wanted to do is sneeze Cause I got my allergies Trying to mess with me SAVE ME (Aha aha aha) Get into it: Here those voices echo Here those crazy trains choo (choo choo choo) Here the people go RAAAWR Whoop! Teehee! Teehee! Teehee! And every time she says she so obsessed I'm thinking why is this life so complex Cause you know, Link doesn't care about her that way He′s in love with zelda more and more everyday Christina can′t see it, she just doesn't know why She′s gorgeous I think but that's not the reason why She should cry because That′s not... real. HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?! AHHHAHA Whoop! Teehee! Teehee! Teehee!

3 traduction disponible ||| 3 traductions disponibles3 traduction disponible ||| 3 traductions disponibles
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